Welcome to my solution to climate change page!

There are solutions to climate change, like stop using fossil fuels and converting to green energy like solar or wind power so that you are not pumping extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There already is carbon dioxide in the atmosphere trapping in heat but that is natural, the extra carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere builds up to fast for the plants to convert into oxygen and will just keep building up causing more heat to be trapped within the atmosphere. As more heat is trapped, the planet's surface will start heating up and will effect not only use but other living things to mainly the animals in the oceans. Several ways you can make a change to stop climate change is purchasing green energy, purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle, eating a low carbon diet, telecommute to work, and being mindful of your overall impact.

Here are some images of green energy:

To learn more about how to solve climate change, check out this website Climate Change Solutions!